DeFundDAPL: Vital City Council Meeting

DeFundDAPL: Vital City Council Meeting

DeFundDAPL: Vital City Council Meeting


Council just changed the start time of the hearing to 9:00 AM.

Please get there early to get in line for the hearing, especially if you plan to sign up for public testimony.

8:30 am - join us for a rally before the Finance Committee meeting! We'll be rallying outside in the City Hall Plaza, on 4th ave (between Cherry & James)

9:00 am - City Council Finance Committee begins. They will be hearing the Socially Responsible Banking ordinance, including public testimony.

We are urging them to not only discuss the ordinance on Wed, but vote on it to move it out of committee and on to the full council!

Once the committee meeting is over, we will hopefully have great news to celebrate with singing and dancing outside!

Note: if you're planning to sign up for public testimony, please get in line early! (you'll need to miss the rally, sorry; we appreciate all the testimonies the public will bring in support of Standing Rock & defunding DAPL!)


After CM Sawant introduced Council Bill 118883, the City of Seattle is now considering ending it's $3 billion relationship with Wells Fargo. This would be the biggest victory so far in the #DeFundDAPL movement; it is a vital battle in the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

City Council needs to hear from Seattle loud and clear that we support this ordinance. This is the moment that Seattle can truly stand with Standing Rock.

Feb 1st, 9:00, City Hall: Grab your #DeFundDAPL sign and show up. If you're prepared to give public testimony, even better.

We need to pack City Hall, so please share this event far and wide. And once you have RSVP'd, take twenty seconds to email every City Council member letting them know that you support the ordinance. You can do so by following this link:

And if you can call your City Council Member that would be even better. Contact information and call script are here:

See you on the 1st!

The DefundDAPL - Seattle Action Coalition